Waldorf Learning Foundation is a Charity, rooted in Rudolf Steiner’s innovative insights into healthy child development, focused on educating the whole child. A Waldorf Education is holistic, addressing head, hand, and heart, and is centred on each child’s academic, social, moral, and creative potential and growth.

Steiner’s insights inspire but do not constrain us: we seek to draw on the very best educational practices that prepare students for the world of tomorrow. We seek to build an education for, and accessible to, students from all backgrounds. We are committed to education founded on integrity, creativity, excellence, and openness, which fosters rounded, free-thinking, open and resilient people who make a valuable contribution to their communities and the world.


Our lineage (read more here) as a charity first dedicated to education inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s insights reaches back to 1937 and spans 80 years offering all-through holistic, integrated provision. Our future direction (read more here) seeks again to encompass school provision alongside a range of other projects which aim to progress and further professionalise Waldorf Education as a reputable creative pedagogy with a meaningful contribution to children’s lives.