Our values as a charity give our work meaning and purpose. They underpin the way we interact and how we progress our overall vision. We describe our values through the following six themes:


We are committed to a modern Waldorf education founded on integrity, creativity, excellence of provision, and openness, integrated and fully engaged with the wider collective of creative pedagogies worldwide.



We are committed to education founded on healthy child development, one which fosters rounded, free-thinking, open and resilient people who make a valuable contribution to their communities and the world.


We are committed to the integrated development and learning of head, hand and heart, of the whole child including the cognitive, affective and kinaesthetic, and each child’s academic, social, moral and creative potential and growth.



We will build an education for, and within reach of, all students. We strongly reject the outdated and imperialist elements of Steiner’s writings and will contribute to renewing Waldorf education based on anti-racism, social and ecological justice, and embracing neurodiversity.


We will continue to engage in our own ongoing renewal as a charity, prudently stewarding the resources available to us and engaging with energy and ambition to deliver our purpose and deliver meaningful and practical results.



Steiner’s insights inspire but do not constrain us: we seek to draw on the very best educational practices that prepare students for the world. We work with individuals and communities in cultivating the tools of self-reflection and response-able capacities for participation and learning in an ever-changing world.