How our strategic goals can support the conditions required for Waldorf Education to thrive is set out below as we clearly illustrate the changes we want to see (our objectives), and what we will do to facilitate those changes (our strategies).

Future school

  • We aim to enable as many young people as possible to have access to quality Waldorf Education, including in the Gloucestershire area where our Charity is rooted. Our long-term aim is to establish a state-funded Waldorf school. As we work towards this, we seek also to improve the overall conditions for Waldorf Education in the UK to flourish.
  • We will do this by working both directly towards it and on the wider conditions necessary for it to succeed, specifically by contributing to quality assurance in the sector, establishing dialogues with relevant stakeholders, and supporting early years’ Waldorf provision as part of preparing the ground.
  • We want to see the opening of an education provision showcasing the very best of Waldorf education and complementary practices, which is inclusive, accessible, and sustainable, demonstrating excellence in child-centred, developmentally coherent, holistic, and integrated provision.


Teacher education

  • We aim to contribute to raising the standards of teaching and learning in UK Waldorf schools and beyond.
  • We will do this by sustaining our commitment to the core contribution of the Postgraduate Diploma in Waldorf Education and Creative Pedagogies(PG Dip) co-delivered with Bath Spa University, as well as offering a range of programmes and projects which progress the practice and provision of Waldorf Education in the UK in alignment with our values. These will include but not be limited to; courses, inset days, conferences and teaching resources.
  • We want to see the graduation of highly trained Waldorf teachers in the UK as part of a cohort of practitioners ready to bring Waldorf Education to increasing numbers of children and contribute to the academic and professional discourse on educational futures.

Strong, progressive schools

  • We aim to support a high level of regulatory resilience for Waldorf settings in the UK, and collaborative discourse in promoting and supporting high-quality Waldorf provision and principles which champion neurodiversity and social and ecological justice.
  • We will do this by working with schools, teachers, and community groups towards a shared understanding of best practices in child-centred, developmentally coherent, holistic, and integrated provision. This will include but not be limited to; courses, inset days, conferences and teaching resources, and consultancy and other bespoke support.
  • We want to see as standard a high level of capability and capacity within schools to support and maintain good practice in teaching and learning, and leadership and governance. We want to see the sustainability of Waldorf schools throughout the UK and beyond as part of a new wave of modelling best practices in creative pedagogies, neurodiversity and social and ecological justice.

Research, reputation, and integration

  • We aim to contribute to the recognition of, and collaboration with, Waldorf pedagogy within the wider education sector in the UK, including as a long-term pioneer of motor-sensory integration, storytelling, and intercultural competencies within developmentally coherent curricula.
  • We will do this by engaging in and supporting research, knowledge dissemination and dialogues that deepen the practice and understanding of Waldorf Education. This will include support for graduates of the PG Dip to share their work in professional and academic journals and sustaining a discipline of translating the terminology used within Waldorf Education into universal academic and everyday language (an accessible tri-lingual approach).
  • We want to see the wide understanding and application of Waldorf principles across a range of educational settings and learning communities, primarily in the UK, primarily in schools.

A strong community of practice

  • We aim to work collaboratively, responsibly, and transparently with a range of organisations towards the accountability, openness, and participation of Waldorf Education within a wider field of social development and learning, recognising the leadership of Waldorf UK as the national representative and professional body in the UK, and supporting their professionalisation of the sector.

  • We will do this through the dedicated work of our core team, supported by our Board of Trustees, in partnership and association with a range of practitioners and partners, including Waldorf UK, to support the ongoing professionalisation of the sector. This will include but not be limited to, the promotion of research and publication in Waldorf Education, participation in conferences, and contribution to shared projects and the development of resources for students, teachers, and school leaders.
  • We want to see a collaborative and coherent community of practice within the Waldorf Education sector in the UK that holds a cultural vigilance of standards and values centred on children’s wellbeing, alongside a commitment to diversity, criticality (considered reflection and analysis within complex contexts) and collaboration to drive and sustain excellence. We want our strategic planning to be vigilant and agile, robust, and sustainable, with our projects clear and accountable whilst responding flexibly to changing conditions, and care for our communities.