To support Waldorf Education in the UK to thrive in the way our vision sets out, we see the following conditions as necessary:

  • skilled teachers,
  • strong leadership and governance,
  • accessibility of provision, and
  • political and economic confidence based on high standards.

We will contribute to these conditions by setting the following goals:


  • We aim to enable as many young people as possible to have access to quality Waldorf Education, including in the Gloucestershire area where our Charity is rooted. Our long-term aim is to establish a state-funded Waldorf school. As we work towards this, we seek also to improve the overall conditions for Waldorf Education in the UK to flourish.


  • We aim to contribute to high standards of teacher education, teaching and learning in UK Waldorf schools and beyond.


  • We aim to support a high level of regulatory resilience within Waldorf settings in the UK, and collaborative discourse in promoting and supporting high-quality Waldorf provision and principles which champion neurodiversity and social and ecological justice.



  • We aim to contribute to the recognition of, and collaboration with, Waldorf pedagogy within the wider education sector in the UK, including as a long-term pioneer in motor-sensory integration, storytelling, and intercultural competencies within developmentally coherent curricula.


  • We aim to work collaboratively, responsibly, and transparently with a range of organisations towards the accountability, openness and participation of Waldorf Education within a wider field of social development and learning, recognising the leadership of Waldorf UK as the national representative and professional body in the UK, and supporting their professionalisation of the sector.