Our vision is that high-quality, professional, and progressive Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired education is available to children across the UK, attracting students from all backgrounds, and with an increasing range of provision that is free at the point of use.

Our purpose is to support professional, progressive, and excellent Waldorf education in the United Kingdom and globally. To deliver this purpose, we will;

Work towards the establishment of a Waldorf school which is free to access, delivers high-quality, professional, and progressive education to a diverse student body, and is engaged with its local community

Support Waldorf education in the UK and globally, through

  • The provision of high-quality teacher education in Waldorf and Creative Pedagogies.
  • Engaging in research, knowledge dissemination and dialogues that deepen the practice and understanding of Waldorf and wider creative education approaches.
  • Specific support for schools which share the principles and values set out in this Strategy.