Our mission reflects our purpose, what we most value, and our ambitions for students and alumni. We have set this out as follows:

A Waldorf Education is centred on each child’s academic, social, moral and creative potential and growth. We value excellence and independent thinking, and seek to shape rounded, free-thinking, open and resilient people who make a valuable contribution to their communities and the world.

Our vision is one in which an exceptional Waldorf education and a commitment to excellence go hand in hand. The world needs new approaches and new solutions – for our environment, our lifestyles and livelihoods, and for communities searching for more inclusive ways of living together.

Our teaching remains founded on Rudolf Steiner’s insights on the importance of educating the whole child, centred on children’s development and needs. Steiner’s approach inspires but does not constrain us. We will draw on the very best educational practices and prepare our students for the world of tomorrow, with a new focus on technology in the later years of education. We strongly reject the outdated and imperialist elements of Steiner’s writings: these have no place in our work. We will build an education for students from all backgrounds.

We are committed to a Waldorf Education of integrity, creativity, excellence and openness. We want to do that with a wide community, sharing and developing this vision for the school’s future.