Landcraft Retreats

The programme’s Landcraft Retreats offer long weekends of immersion into craft and community. They provide opportunities to explore creative and embodied learning and, as such, are essential to students’ experience.

They offer an opportunity to engage in a range of artistic and creative skills that are integral to Waldorf Education and are led by expert Waldorf practitioners. They weave threads of craft and community together and invite you to deepen your own connections and networks within the cohort and learning community.

The retreats begin with storytelling, situating your learning and experience within the social context of the Waldorf education community. You will have the opportunity to engage in ‘bushcraft’ activities and explore themes related to ‘forest school’ to support your development and understanding of both the ancient traditions and contemporary scholarship of ‘worldmaking’ and ‘wayfaring’.

Practical craft and arts activities bring attention to embodiment ahead of a culmination in the weekend’s work through Eurythmy, a movement practice of ‘visible speech’.

This is an exciting opportunity to engage in Waldorf Education and creative pedagogies as a community of practice and to participate in an ongoing exploration of your own contribution through creative connection and embodied experience, whilst questioning the relevance of this to education.

These retreats are hosted at the Steiner Academy, Hereford, the only state-funded Steiner/Waldorf school in the UK, which holds the characteristic aesthetic of Waldorf schools across the world and extensive outdoor learning spaces in a rural setting within which your explorations will take place.