Profile: Paul Hougham

Paul was appointed in March 2020 and brings a breadth and openness in his promotion of standards and authenticity in Waldorf Education.

I am a teacher and educationalist committed to the growing wave in progressing the quality, provision and impact of Waldorf Education and creative educational approaches. I am drawn to Steiner’s vision and Waldorf Education’s characteristics of, simply, being kind to kids, in tending to a learning environment that meets the needs of our physiological, social and cognitive development.

As a teacher I have taken a number of middle school classes across the turbulence of early adolescence, including the culmination of Steiner Academy Hereford’s Justice Team as they reached the finals of the Bar Mock Trial Competition in Edinburgh in 2015. As a school leader I have held senior positions in a number of schools, and continue to hold a high bar for the integrity and essence of Waldorf education.

As an educationalist I am the author of “Dialogues of Destiny – a postmodern appreciation of Waldorf Education” and I continue to be fascinated by the evolving science underlying autonomy and wellbeing, how we regulate and integrate ourselves, and shape our participation in the world. I am constantly inspired by a broad spectrum of educationalists and teachers (bell hooks, Anna Craft, Paolo Freire, Jennifer Gidley, Stuart Hall, Tim Ingold, Karin Murris, Joe Kincheloe et al) serving a shift in the current educational paradigm to one that elevates discovery, justice, kindness and creativity within our discourses on development.