Profile: Natasha Ramm

Natasha was appointed as Finance & Operations Manager in September 2021 having worked for the charity in admin support and finance roles since January 2019.

As a young child I was fortunate to be able to attend a Waldorf kindergarten. Following a move to London, I attended a mainstream primary school until the age of 11 when a move to Gloucestershire enabled me once again to experience the Waldorf curriculum whilst attending Wynstones. Whilst both these differing provisions taught me the joy of learning, my years in Waldorf education were truly formative, developing my mental and emotional strength and balance, and a sense of being comfortable within myself.

I have worked both locally and nationally, in business and for charities, and have extensive experience of developing business streams and management in all areas relating to operations, finance, marketing, and project delivery. Having taken a key role in developing a small start-up through its first years of trading, culminating in national distribution of their products, I then spent ten years as an owner-operator of a start-up business subsequently acquired by 3i Group.

My journey back to Wynstones (Now the Waldorf Learning Foundation) came with the arrival of our three children, who also enjoyed their formative years there. The circle was complete when I joined as a staff member providing operational and business management.