Welcome to Waldorf Learning Foundation; to a quest of helping build a bridge between what people learn and how people learn; to teach and celebrate creativity not just as a skill, but as a human attribute; to nurture children as whole people, so that they are prepared to build bright futures with head, hand and heart.

Holistic Education

  • In a world full of uncertainty, we teach creativity as an overarching skill across all disciplines, to shape rounded, free- thinking, open and resilient people who make a valuable contribution to their communities and the world.
  • Waldorf Learning Foundation brings a holistic methodology to create a balanced and dynamic education that encourages independent problem solving, innovation, and emotional and social awareness. Where intuition meets logic, and creativity meets criticality.
  • We see that education today leans more on STEM and critical thinking to meet the ever-growing demands of innovation and advancement. However, creativity is undoubtedly at the root of all critical thinking, and is equally as important in order to nurture children holistically.

Serving the world’s children

  • We see the need to bridge the gap between structural divisions and differences between different learning approaches.
  • Waldorf Learning Foundation is outward facing rather than inward. We believe in supporting a collective navigation towards evidence-based practice and policy. We are not here to solve the problems unique to the UK, but to be part of a global dialogue.
  • Education should not discriminate. Only when we include all in the conversation, can we create a future that is rooted in integrity and reflects the true needs of all children.

Leadership and Excellence

  • We are here to break the stereotype and perception that being creative entails a lack of structure or accountability.
  • Waldorf Learning Foundation offers leadership in creative learning approaches that will challenge, influence and engage. We are committed to bringing new, modern perspectives on the Waldorf education with a collaborative, inclusive and sustainable approach.
  • We are rising to the challenge to nurture the latent capacities in future generations, with a fresh commitment to care, and confidence in a future we are creating together.

We are on a mission to create an education system that grows as the individual grows with it.

Waldorf Learning Foundation is a resource for teachers, parents, and school commissioners. Our vision is to contribute to a new foundation of excellence for creative learning approaches and Waldorf Education in the UK and beyond.

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